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I have been trying to get a price on the Bellmann (Mastervolt) electric engines in the USA, as we will be there in mid january, and we could buy two and bring them back to Australia.  We are "sailing" from New York to Sydney on the Queen Mary.  The price in OZ is ridiculous, about double the manufacturers price in Holland.  If anyone could help by finding a price in the USA for the 10KW model (fixed & steerable) we would really appreciate it.  The QM calls in at Fort Lauderdale where we could pick up the motors.  Cunard is quite happy for us to ship them back to Oz in our cabin!!!!
Best regards,
John & Kat

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Unfortunately in an open forum an almost inevitable consequence is the occasional uncalled-for rude outburst. They need to be taken for what they are worth....

So ignore them and continue to plan and dream, just try not to stray too far from reality! Personally, I would love to have e-motors on my T36 build but after investigating all the costs it became clear that it was not going to fit into my budget until storage technology changes significantly. Even with the promising battery technologies now being developed I don't think we are going to see any significant combination of weight and price drop for several years at least. But if you can afford it I think they make a lot of sense.  

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