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Hi All, 

I sail almost alone in Thailand and it is not always so easy to use ploumb line to check the depth approaching the coast.

So i would like to buy an electronic depth sounder, actually i have any hole into the hull and i prefer to continue like this, and line going down to the hull to the sonde is probably not esthetic ...

So what kind of depth sounder do you use on your Wharram's ?  and if you have some pictures !

Thank you

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I have just bought a Lowrance dsi 4, have mounted one in my fishing kayak with the transducer shooting thru hull. With my tiki 26 i will mount it to a pole/stick and deploy the transducer when needed. Not keen on having holes in the hull of the catamaran.

I put a hole in the in board side and added a small nacelle to put the transducer in a level plane. Very nice. On another boat we added a hinged leg under the aft tramp at theback end of the cockpit. It worked, bu it certainly wasn't pretty and it was not as convenient. The leg photo blow was before we had the rigging on to pull it up and down.

Thanks for your answers, i like the idea under the cockpit with a leg which can go up and down so nothing down when sailing and no hole in the hull, i will think now to make this :)

Thank you Paul and Boatsmith

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