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  Hi all here it is....

finally working, just add water....


  all d best.


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Wow! Looks extremly sophisticated! All the best for launch and maiden voyage! 

Mirno more!

  Thanks a lot!!!

yea it is a bit more complicated then I expected too. But as far as I know, this is the first pacific proa with a traditional shunting rig that also has a leepod. proas with leepods cant use Lateen rigs, so they use Bermuda rigs. I prefer the oceanic Lateen and making it work high above the leepod was a head scratcher....

  "CC" has a schooner rig to reduce sail size. make her easier to control in heavy weather, but I didn't want to have 2 canting masts like on traditional proas, 1 is o.k. but 2 is too much.... That also complicated things a bit... It took a year, I built many systems, some were better then others.... at points I felt that nothing will work.... finally SP1 was built and is perfect!!!

  Now our rig is very versatile, and has many different configurations, that other proas don't have.

so we're home.... but honestly, it's not that complicated.

    all d best.


I really tried to imagine how this rig tacks or changes direction... but I am not exactly sure. Please let us know by a video of the action!

And celebrate the launch enough!

Here U go bro.

  SP1 in action, this is the model made out of standard steel. The new SS ones work much better....... in the next film at 5:00 minutes I am shunting (pulling rig for and aft, turning aft sail into for sail.) I am pulling on the thin rope with only 1 hand, second hand is holding the camera. pretty good for 1 hand......


Next is the LAUNCH!!!!

    all d best, rael.

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