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Dear Tiki Friends,

Last summer an inexperienced Hobie cat sailor crashed in to my Tiki 21. There is a small hole of about 30 cm2 6x6 cm. just under the window in the hull. Will post a photo.

Any suggestions of how to repair? take out a piece and replace with another piece of plywood or just bend beck the existing plywood and fill with mixture of epoxy and wood flower?

The boat has tha specific blue color, I can not find a color code anywhere, someone knows of witch color cart the blue is?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


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bestest most pretty repair would be to cut out all damaged plywood, then taper all of the ply edges (scarf) 2-3 " and fit a patch with matching tapered edges in with epoxy.Fair this out with some bog and patch in a layer of glass on the outside, fair and paint. Simple to do, difficult to do so as not to be visible when all is done.

Another way is to push the fibers back into place as well as possible and sand the ply wood back a wee bit (1/32") and epoxy in a layer of 1208 (!708 is ok and easier to find) inside and out, fair and paint. easier, stronger, slightly heavier , easier to end up with an invisible repair.

Hi Johan,

Sorry to see the damage, I'd be most upset. When renovating my Tiki 21, I had to make a similar repair. As boatsmith says, you have two ways to go. The best being to cut out a neat section and replace. See my post link below. Importantly, see the link in that post to a video instruction on how to do the work. Good luck

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