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Clearing Australian Customs/Immigration with a Wharram.

With Australia's super tight border restrictions and quarantine regulations, im wondering how those of you voyaging on Wharram's have fared when making entry. Has anyone had any problems with their home made timber and epoxy built boats?


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Josh as you probably know there is a lot of scuttlebutt on the interwebs about Aussie customs. I think you refer to their policy of fumigating some boats for termites  etc. Best bet would be to give em a call on behalf of a'' friend.''

From what I know this does not apply to all boats and may also be dependent on your last port of call, overall condition of the cat and the particular quarantine officer.

That's a great idea Paul.. I'm sure there also some ports of entry more friendly than other too! I'm actually Australian and will be building on the other side of the pond. It would be a great shame to go through the effort of building and all that way across the ocean, only to be denied entry at the home gate!

I remember a skit on hey hey it's Saturday with Russell Gilbert many years ago about customs. Something along the lines of you could have a body in the trunk, but all they are concerned about are your apples!!

I've never been but I get a lot of people passing through these islands who have. On sailing there you'll have to notify them of your arrival 48hrs in advance or pay a $500 fine, leaving their waters is just as tough.


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