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Hi all
I need to replace the windows on my Tiki 38 and am researching the best material and technique for this. I will be cruising in a hot tropical climate. There has been reference to various types of plexiglass, acrylic etc as well as the merits of bolts or just gluing. Any advice would be appreciated, especially including the specific names of glues, plastics etc.

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Dave, I bonded the windows to the cured epoxy.  If you paint first your bond is only as strong as the paint adhesion to the surface.  Like always, sand the cured epoxy first and carefully clean it with denatured alcohol right before application of the adhesive sealant. There's no issue with the appearance with not painting first, as the sealant will completely cover the area you can see through the window.  It's also important to use spacers to make sure the bed of sealant is thick enough (minimum 3/16").



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