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Hi All,

Im considering building a tiki 26 and may have access to some unused plans bought around 2004.

Does anyone know if there has been any significant changes to the plans over the last few years?

Or should i just go ahead and start building with them? 

Many thanks,


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I suppose there are no changes, because it is a proven design from 1985.But if I where building a T 26 I would change the shape of the cabins like Kim Whitmyre's Vaea or the Vaialua in Brazil: http://policat-marcosvela.blogspot.com/2012/12/lancamento-do-tki-26...

The standard T26 has no seating headroom in the front of the cabin and I think it would be more comfortable  with this change.

Hi Andrés, 

Thanks for your reply.

By 'changing the shape', do you mean raising the front of the cabins a few inches?

Yes. The standard layout only has good headroom between bulkheads under the hatch.

You should have both English and metric rulers available and check the dimensions as you build, there are a few conversions that are a bit off, but most of those are quite obvious. For higher cabin sides you can also see Scott Williams blog on Element II. Give consideration to the aesthetics of the changes cabin. Since the composite construction of this boat results in something akin to a monocoque body of a car, I would run any changes by JWD.

Hi Russel,

Thanks for the input. I definitely put aesthetics up there as part of the overall boat compromise. I think that higher cabins tops must add a more functional aspect to the boat, but Im also not sure that they look as good as the original design! 

Sorry, I am stepping a bit late into the discussion. You probably already have taken a decision about your cabin.

I would apply the "form follows function" principle in redesigning the cabin. Your design will depend about what you want to do with your boat. On his Hinemoa Tom Jones raised his cabin to the bulwarks to gain volume inside and buoyancy. He knew he wanted to go offshore. He wrote afterwards that they might not have weathered hurricane Blanche with the original design. Cookie also has a raised foredeck to gain volume for offshore sailing. Look at Roger Taylor's boats, they are following this principle on their redesign to go offshore. They all look rugged, and beautiful to my eye. But you might not want to go offshore with your T26. I like the original design...

Cheers, Thierry

I modified the cabins on my Hinemoa, making them longer and added a curved roof which gave more internal height. Having drawn the new design, I made a mock up which resulted in some changes to improve the aesthetics. It is definitely worth spending time getting the proportions right. Even so, it would have been better if the hatches were a couple of inches deeper, you don't get everything right.

Just finished reading Tom Jones' book Multihull Voyaging - excellent read and lots of good advice.

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