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G’day everyone, Im a 23 year old in the marine sparky trade in New Zealand, live on a little yacht currently but my heart is set on building myself a Wharram, a Tangaroa mk iv looks like she’ll fit my needs and purpose which would again be live aboard, and do some decent miles on her, I’m in love with the shape and size of the Tangaroa MK iv, I’ll definitely go for the tiki style beams and nearly all the upgrades but I’m damned if I can find any decent pictures of the interior of them, I’ve got the study plans and looked far and wide for some pictures of the interior and basic dimensions of the hulls are harder still to come by, just wondering if anyone could help me out? 


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Sounds like I’m going for a drive this weekend! Cheers bro, been keeping my ear to the ground looking for some to have a look around to get a feel of the size! Thanks again mate

did you check it out?

Here are some shots of my Tangaroa MKIV Element. you can see how she's changed over the years.


I sailed 50'000 miles in a MK1 cool as, in my book 'Sea, Sun & Taraipo' https://www.amazon.com/Sea-Sun-Taraipo-Millionaires-Time/dp/1839751...

Does anybody have drawings of the bulkheads of the Tangeroa Mk1 versus Mk2 for comparison....... I can find no interior photos, or drawings displaying the difference in width.   Here  is a quote from the website:

The Mk IV has more graceful hull lines, wider hull beam, more freeboard over the bunks and a longer cabin with standing headroom, so it is not to be mistaken for the Tangaroa Mk I

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