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Good News!

    Nev is right now happily sanding where we are well overdue on brightwork maintainence..  He is using a Chicago variable speed multifunction tool very much like the expensive Fein brand of multifunction tool which we have long admired.  We got ours at Harbor Freight here in Rhode Island but there are Harbor Freight stores in many states so maybe you can get to one or order on line through Harbor Freight.  This sander, like the Fein tool, has a tiny movement so it is easy on your hands and joints, the sander head is a small triangle which gets into the corners, and the saw function cuts through wood or epoxy fillets like butter.  We used a Fein to remove a stringer that had gotten into the wrong place on one of our friends Tiki 46s which we visit often.  It not only removed the stringer, it saved the skin ply and the stringer for future use.  It was easy.  The saw part on our Chicago from Harbor Freight looks identical and  is shaped like a putty knife so you can just slip it in and it does its work.  There are a bunch of other attachment heads you can get.  These tools are easy on your hands and wrists because they are not acting like a gyroscope and going out of control all the time and the vibration is minimal.  It is comfy for smaller hands and requires less muscle which is nice too. 

    So Peace IV is now getting her brightwork sanded starting at the bow and I will be painting Cetol right soon and all will be lovely. 

     Ann and Nev

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