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Thought I'd share this pic of an aluminum Wharram in the San Juan Islands, Wa. I couldn't believe my eyes. Does anyone no the owner of this cat?

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Hello Herb. I do not know  about this one BUT I saw last may in San Cristobal bay in the Galapagos Archipelago an aluminium Ariki that had been built in Germany. According to his skipper Mickael she was the only one of her kind, with a rooftop between hulls. This couple and their 2 small chidren had crossed from Europe, passed the Panama Canal and the 900nm to Galapagos. They must now be en route for Marquises and  then Australia where they intend to sell her. A momentarily Salute  from La Neuville d'Aumont in France. Jean-Michel

Very interesting.

this is a Wharram Oro 46 ft built of aluminium. about 30 years ago with no paint at all on her, not even underwater hull. he just cleans it regularly underwater part and he gets no corrosion at all that way. the skin is 3.9mm aluminium sheet. only the beams are laminated wooden beams. they like the no maintenance boat and don t care to much about the look she has. I think the owner built the boat himself, even the welding so.

Oh I forgot the boatname! it s "Sanderling"

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