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Hi All
Just received my Tiki plans. Now I have a stack of plywood (thanks for the tip Max) and I am trying to find an alternative to the Douglas fir specified in the plans. I was wondering if any builder in S. E. A. Or specifically Thailand have found a suitable locally available substitute. On my previous build I used a wood called mai yom hom (Australian red cedar ) for a 30 ft mast which worked out fine .... so far , weight was 30pcf .

Any help would be much appreciated


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Mai Yom Hom is no longer available. Sadly. Same counts for Mai Champaa. At least here in Phuket .

The same place as where you got your ply sells pre cut douglas fir ( 2 in x 3/4 in x 2.50m if memory  serves). in packs of 6 lengths. Only problem is that there are often lots of knots so you need to scarf the good bits together. 

They also sell lengths of Meranti ( 3in x 3/4 in x 2 m or 2,50 m ) . Good stuff but expensive @ 150 baht per 2,50 m length.

Hi Maxim

Thanks for the information once again. I ordered Mai Yom Hom through a friend who manufactures pianos in BKK and had  12" x12" x 12' logs milled in CM for a mast. I had the wood shipped from Bkk to Chiang mai which was quite cheap. Realy nice wood. If I can get the contacts address I will forward to you. Champa I am not familiar with but I will try to research it a bit. Thanks again.

se Asian surian cedar has very similar characterics to Canadian/nw American western red cedar provide it is not the 'fluffy' stuffand should be reasonably priced.. epoxy saturation is a must as fresh water ingress will certainly cause dry rot..douglas fir is around 50% stronger so you may have to increase the scantlings.. to achieve a similar strength

Thanks for the info Steve. Strangely enough I just today sourced a cypress which grows in Thailand and is called Henoki in Japan it ihas very similar structural characteristics as port Oxford cedar. Also available in 6 m lengths . I may give it a try if the price is right . They say it is traditionally used in framing in japonese timber boats . Thanks again

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