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All wood has been sourced now, but the "Triangular Section". Not able (capable?) to find it standard, (here in China, Shenzhen area )and since it is not in the form of a "square triangle", (BC² = AC² + AB²) I hesitate on what to order to mill it myself with my hand circular saw mounted on a table.
I am on a project for a Tiki 21, and the base of the wanted triangular section is 32mm, while the sides are 25mm. Or, "Imperialy speaking" base 1 1/4" and sides 1". (I just count the little lines on my ruler, not big trouble :-) )
Questions are: -What would be the smart size to order? 32 X 32 cm - 1 1/4" then cut it triangular, or
-Is there an alternative to the triangular "logs"? (certainly there's another and better or more appropriate word)
Thanks a lot,

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Exactly what size lumber to source will be up to you (based on lumber sizes available in your area), but you will need to cut those pieces yourself or pay someone else to do it for you on a proper table saw with a quality fence. Just make sure the boards are straight in both dimensions, or you will not be pleased with the results.

OK!!! Finaly found it. Now, I have all the necessary wood, on the way. I just have to start the construction...

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