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Is there anyone out there who can tell me about the following.

What gives you the better thrust on a tiki 30:

1 x 9.9 HP 4 stroke Yamaha/Honda (longshaft with high thrust propeller)


2 x 6 HP 4 stroke Tohatsu ultra longshaft (with high thrust propeller)


I know the saying 2 engines = 2 troubles. But still, if one engine quitts working you still have one running, what means more security.

But when do we use engines on a sailboat?

Case 1

If there is no wind - then probably a 6 HP engine should be enough to push a Tiki 30 at 4-5 kn/h. Required is fuel économy.


Case 2

If you have to to break free from a leeshore against wind and waves. Required is thrust. Then may be 2 x 6HP could give you a better push.


What would you say? Any advise or experience?


Cheers Wave









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Nev and I have kicked this idea around quite often and we both feel that two engines are a good idea.  When one fails, the other can carry on and we have been grateful for that on Peace more than once.  We very often use only one engine when the wind dies and it is not convienent to wait for its return.   Luckily Nev likes engines and is good at maintenance and repair.   The high thrust engines are the right choice.   We would put two engines and I am sure others will disagree and that's fine - it's what this site is for.

Thanks Ann

for your input!

I run currently a 10 hp honda on my Tiki. I wanted actually a Yamaha 9.9 but at this time they were not available. For some undefined reasons I don't trust the Honda much. It is very fuel efficient, but also very hightec and compact built. I like more engines you can get your fingers at all places.  In areas where you have almost everywhere flat water and places to drop anchor, like around Phuket, it does not matter much if you have only one engine. But in waters where you have strong currents, steep and rocky shores, lots of reefs, remote areas like in the Philippines, then I think to have 2 engines  is not a bad option.  Hope to get some more arguments.... Fair winds... always, My heart beats for the crabclaw....  Wave


I have only 9.9 Tohatsu on my Ticki 30 and often wanted to have two but smaller ones. My reason ist not security, if the one motor is broken ore the more speed I would have with two. My reason ist the navigation in a small marina. It would be nice two have one motor going forward and the other one back, so ship would circle one a place.

On the picture you can see, that i use a rope at my starbord middle-clamp, to leave my box. If I come back, have to fasten a rope port and at the end of the finger, so the ship circle into the box.

I wonder what provides more thrust if you need it: 2 x 6 hp or 1 x 10 HP (4-stroke). ....

I was thinking of 2 x the 6 HP Tohatsu Model (1 cylinder) / MFS6 SP / Bore x Stroke in (mm) 59 x 45 (2.32 x 1.77)
Displacement cc (Cu in) 123 (7.5)

I'm not sure if 2 x 6 HP with smaller props gives the same or more thrust than a 1 x 10 HP high thrust engine.

sure - but sometimes sails up + engine vs. wind and current saves your plans....

hello,all I know is that my honda 10hp has more than enough power to push my T30 though anything I have encounterd .that is as long as its running

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