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Sanding, drilling vent holes and epoxy the deck stringer in place - Wharram Hitia 14

In this video I first move the stands so that the boat is standing more stable while I am working on it. You will also see that I started sanding everything. The building plans don't tell to do this, but I want to inside and especially the fillets looks better, so I decided to sand everything smooth and then apply a layer of unthickened epoxy and at some places touch up with thickened epoxy. I am especially not satisfied about the looks of the stempost fillet, so I will try to make it better. After that I am drilling 12mm vent holes in bulkhead 1,3 and 4. These holes are sanded and will also get a layer of epoxy. I am also fixing then deck stringer to the fore deck. The method is to first drill a few holes so that the stringer can be stitched and kept in place. After that I put a layer of unthickened epoxy at the place where the stringer will be and then I put colloidal silica into the resin and hardener mix and apply this to the stringer. After it is in place and stitches tightened I put some nails into it to fix them.

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