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Drawing scarf joints for sheer stringers - Wharram Hitia 14 Ep.15

In this video I am removing the brass panel pins from the butt block. You might have noticed that the brass panel pins are not totally hit into the wood. On the building plans they are totally flat with the wood surface for providing the necessary contact pressure. I felt and noticed that in this case there was enough contact pressure by hitting them in just a bit.

After removing the brass panel pins I did the same procedures for glueing the butt block and backing pads for the other side panel.

Then I proceeded with drawing the scarf joints on the 19mm x 9mm sheer stringers. I need 4 sheer stringers that are as long as the hull, and for that I need to make a scarf joint for every sheer stringer, because the battens that I have are not long enough. In total I have to make 4 scarf joints.

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