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Checking wood delivery and drawing on the 4mm plywood - Wharram Hitia 14 Ep.1

This is episode 1 of the Building a Wharram Hitia 14 series. I receive and check the delivery of wood and I start drawing on the waterproof 4mm plywood. Two children from the neighbourhood come to check what I am doing and talk with me while I am drawing lines on the 4mm plywood.

Since my last building video I moved to Bangkok, Thailand. This has always been on my mind, I imagined it in detail and now it is current reality. I am very happy. But with that move I had to make the decision to stop working on the Wharram Tiki 38 build, I miss my beautiful large workspace in Belgium. I also miss my friends in Belgium. I have made the decision to restart building Wharrams in Thailand and begin with a smaller Wharram, the Hitia 14, in order for me to learn techniques on a smaller scale and also have a small boat to sail with on the weekends.

I have bought the plywood and tulip wood at Phuket Siam Timber. I highly recommend this company: http://phuketsiamtimber.com

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