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2017-12-04 Building SV Satoshi - Wharram Tiki 38

In this video you can see that it is getting cold out here. Outside it was just below 0 degrees celcius and inside my workspace it was 2 degrees celcius. I have no problems with that, because inside my large tent it is 12 degrees celcius, which is comfortable and my epoxy seems to cure well. Outside of the tent, but inside the workspace I keep comfortably warm by wearing multiple layers of clothes, and by keeping busy. I cleaned the backbone parts that already have an epoxy coating with water and an abrasive pad to remove amine blush. I have to do that, because I am not using peel ply. I know for sure that I have amine blush, because I can feel it and when I don't clean well with water the 80 grit sandpaper gets clogged up quickly. Did some sawing, jointing and planing for backbone and hull stringers. I am very satisfied about the work done in the latest days. And I promise, for obvious safety reasons, I will not wear a long shawl anymore when I operate woodworking machines (or tuck it tight into my coat).

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