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2017-11-05 Building SV Satoshi - Wharram Tiki 38

In this video I continue with getting used to working with epoxy. In the previous video I used epoxy for the first time, so when I came back the next day I wanted to see how and if I could clean the tools that I used, I also wanted to see if the epoxy cured well. I also coated several other small pieces of plywood to test other things on (like for example sanding or multiple coats). I really want to start with putting the backbone together, but I am first going to work a bit more with test pieces. Apart from that, the temperature in the main room of my working space is now almost below 10 degrees and in the next months it is only getting colder and often more humid. So I might have to postpone putting the backbone together until the temperature and humidity is more suitable. If that would be the case, I know how to keep busy and warm... I have to saw, joint, plane many long battens out of the planks of wood that I have. I am looking at a machine, the Holzstar UMK 6 for this purpose.

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Comment by Chuck Valley on November 13, 2017 at 5:38pm

With the Holzstar, can you put a full sheet of plywood and cut it in half lengthwise?

Comment by Building Wharrams on November 14, 2017 at 3:41am

Hello Chuck,

I don't think it can. However, I was unable to order it, because according to the dealer they don't produce this machine anymore. I also now changed my mind and am not going for a combination machine, but separate table saw, separate planer/joiner. I will see if I can get within my budget a table saw that can cut a full sheet of plywoood in half lengthwise.

Comment by Chuck Valley on November 14, 2017 at 8:37am

When setting up your shop, Make sure there is enough room around your equipment so a 10' (3M) board can clear front and back. Enough room for the sheet of plywood and for you to stand behind it on both ends of the saw. A floor model belt sander with an aggressive belt is good to have.


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