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2017-10-15 Building SV Satoshi - Wharram Tiki 38

This video starts with a picture of me and my friend Nick, who visited my workspace. After that we went to Noordwijk to take his fireball and laser off the beach in preparation for winter. The next day I proceeded with planing one long straight 4 meter batten. After that I cut out a pattern from the first piece of hardboard that is on the lofting floor. After sawing and sanding it straight I discovered that despite many checks and measurements I somehow did not see a wrong measurement, so the pattern was not right and you can see that in the video. :) So... I took a new piece of hardboard, drew the lines again, cut it out again and now it is right. My son supported me during this process. I have put the picture of Luckyfish that Stewart and Zaya have sent to me ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkHpXYj4icqUOkQZqkelyPg ) in a frame and put it in the workspace for motivation and inspiration.

Music : Aimless by Josh Woodward - http://joshwoodward.com

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