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At 1:16am on September 20, 2013, Galway Bay said…

Welcome Ian - we need a few UK + EU members for balance !! What boat have you ? Photos ?

At 9:11am on September 23, 2013, Galway Bay said…

Another surf shoe paddler !!

Loved the photos ...this is the real strength of a boat like this.. I remember as a youngster the constant  "Sit Down".... "Don't Rock The Boat " etc...!!

At 9:56am on January 22, 2014, Bill Proteau said…

Hi Ian

I uploaded a picture of launch day for my Tiki 21. We have lived here for the last 4 years and it is an amazing place to sail. However we are very far north (on the border with Alaska) so the weather can be ferocious. The boat has preformed much better than I had hoped and with its' stability, shallow draft and speed has allowed us to go many places completely inaccessible to the average boater up here. I am building a proper mast for it as we speak as the aluminum pole was a temporary mast just to get me out there and I should have it up in a couple of months. Cheers

At 10:14am on January 22, 2014, Ian Bamsey said…

25yrs ago I kayaked in BC on the Fraser & Thompson etc, then up around Jasper and Banff. We went up from Vancouver  as far as the Skookumchuk Narrows. What a place. I'd love to explore those coastal inlets. We wanted to drive up toward Alaska but changed plans when we found out how far that is. You are way up North!

I'm building a new mast in Alu and wood this year.

Good luck

At 1:47pm on August 25, 2015, friendshipsloop . said…

Ian, thanks for your kind comments.  Hope to visit the UK and meet you in person some day!

At 7:58am on September 12, 2015, Rory McDougall said…

Hey Ian,

It will be fun sailing with another Tiki 21, but I have to admit that I won't be sailing unless there is a decent forecast of wind. I've spent enough days of my life flopping about trying to get somewhere in no wind - I'm a bit picky these days!! I'd much prefer a good thrash down to Brixham and a lively surf home!! Nick Martin with his Tiki 26 may also be joining in the fun. Be great if we can have all 3 Tikis sailing!!

Hope to see you on Sat.

Cheers, Rory

At 4:36am on September 27, 2015, Rory McDougall said…

Hey Ian, sorry I pulled out. Would have been good to have had Tikis sailing together. I don't regret tho, had a good time seeing my daughter sailing the laser with her cousins. Hope for more wind next year!

At 4:31am on April 2, 2017, George Woodward said…

Hi Ian I found this Tiki in Turkey when I decided to downsize two years ago -I have been keen on a Tiki for about 30+ years and have the mags to prove it! The boat was built to a very high standard by the  bought it from (he lives in Fethiye). He keeps at his house  and takes it to the launch and takes it home when I return. This the agreement when I purchased.

Here's a link to some photos




PS Still not downsized from my boat in Falmouth!

PPS Still finding my round the site to post replies !

At 9:27am on January 8, 2019, Robert Sheridan said…

Hi Ian,

Have not worked out how to send messages in this forum.  Mango is currently in Med Spain, we have not lined up a broker yet.  You can email us on svmangoelephant@gmail.com and I will reply with phone numbers.

All the best


At 8:34pm on June 3, 2020, Reuben Filsell said…
Hey Ian,
My name is Reuben and I’m in Perth Australia.
I’m looking at Tikis and wondering about that wing sail, I crew on a Corsair tri and we have all sort of adjustments to sail shape, halyard, outhauls, Cunningham, mast rotation etc.
What do you use on a wing sail, as best I can make out they just hang there ! Is the sail fixed at the tack so you can at least use halyard tension ?
What would you like to see?
The F24 sailors seem to be keen on adding booms to there mains for more control so it has me wondering how the Wing sail might perform with a bit more control?
I haven’t seen one in the flesh let alone sailed on one but I like the Tiki’s, they look like low stress retirement cruiser for me.
Was planning on being in England now but covid put paid to that. Planning on this time next year.
At 4:17pm on June 15, 2022, friendshipsloop . said…
Ian, I’m planning to attend the Cornwall Hui in July. Do you need crew? Jeff

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