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At 11:14pm on December 31, 2008, The Ethnic Catamaran Company said…
"down the road" :-)LOLOL that's some long f---ing road. but yeah, might see you this year, if u haven't sailed west.
At 9:20pm on January 3, 2009, Ralf said…
Thank you for the encouragement. The paint job on the hullsides has just been completed 3 days ago. Before we turn her around again I will finish the inside of the cabin roof in the main cabin which is so much easier to do if you don`t have to work overhead.
Then after getting her upright again I`ll sand and paint the decks and finish the hatches and the mooring cleats and.....
I really have no idea how anybody could build such a boat in the advertised 900-1000 hours. Maybe a pro-builder with a fully equiped workshop who spends no time time in thinking for even a minute what the next step of work is going to be and how to do it best. I am not aiming at a top notch pro finish (which is behyond my abilities anyhow) but I am still looking at 2000 hours (just a wild guess) building time to finish her.
Still I am having a good time and am enjoying myself lot.
At 8:08am on January 5, 2009, Chris Bretter said…
Hi Dave,i see your boat has a long shaft I am starting with a Tiki38 in a few months and am keen on the same system.Are you happy with it -I am a diesel Mechanic and dont like outboards.They lie about the building times if they told the truth there would be no home builders.Perhaps in professional yard with lots of skilled builders.But not in your garden for sure.
At 6:46am on January 6, 2009, Chris Bretter said…
Hi Dave.its nice to have some positive info on the Eggbeater.I have a 2.2 Datsun SD22 motor which i want to use.What size is the prop looks about 500mm 20 inches.Iwas thinking of ducting the prop with a rudder as well to help with manouverability.Thanks again Chris
At 6:22am on January 9, 2009, Chris Bretter said…
Hi dave what size is the propellor Regards Chris
At 3:48am on January 14, 2009, Ralf said…
The cradle has worked very well for me in turning the boat over and back upright again (last Sunday). We were 6 people and turned the hull without trouble and without causing any damage whatsoever which I worried about much before the first turn over.
At 1:46am on January 22, 2009, sarah said…
At the risk of sounding REALLY stupid... the prop that is on the pics, we have one of those under our boat, I was told it is a drag generator, but it looks exactly like that.... the back and underneath of our boat is still a mystery until we get it out of the water!
At 11:09pm on January 31, 2009, Trevor McKenzie said…
Hi Dave, I look forward to seeing the Kay2 s pics. Photos of Arikis are hard to come by. I will be in Bali in the next couple of months, might even see you there. Have had a look at your boat pics, looks very nice.
Cheers Trev
At 10:34pm on October 29, 2010, Greg Russell said…
Thanks Dave
I have always been into multihulls this is the first Wharram that I have owned and I like it. Sails good, shallow draft and very stable. At 31 feet it is a good size for where I live in Panama City. I would want a bigger one if I was cruising with more than 3 persons.
Life is Good
At 9:35pm on November 10, 2010, John& Kat Wilkie said…
Dear Dave,
We are building a pahi 42 which we hope to launch next year. On February 17th we are sailing into Freemantle for the day (on the QM) and wonder if you'd like to catch up for coffee and a chat about the trials and tribulations of building / owning a wharram. let us know. Cheers John & Kat
At 8:05am on January 11, 2011, Mark Hobbs said…

Hi Dave,

thanks for making it possible for us to connect on this forum.

I've recently posted some pics of my modified wharram classic build here.

I think the story of how I came to build this boat probably has some similarities

to your own.

I started off by buying a set of Tangaroa plans from James Wharram after

my wife and I had spent a week or so on one we had chartered  in Fiji.

We got to sail in a variety of conditions and decided the size and style of boat would work well for us.

By the time the plans arrived I had realised there were a number of things I wanted to modify to get the boat to be the way I wanted it.

In the end, like yourself, I redrew the lines on the floor of my shed changing many things like the freeboard, hull beam, rake of the stem, cabins etc,. I also changed the acommodation plan and removed the beam troughs.

I'm now up to finishing the second hull and feel the changes have worked out well so far.

Please check out the photos if you get a chance. Your observations and comments would be most welcome.




At 11:12pm on May 25, 2013, Jiri Kudrna said…

Thanks Dave! Not sure if the Hitia can compete with the local working boats, it's a bit of a princess compared to them ;-) Got many a compliment from the locals though. Their main interesst was in my ropes, quite understandable, they work day in day out with cheapest polypropylene 3 strand.

Btw, is you and/or you Tanenui still in Bali? Where's she lying?

Cheers, Jiri

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