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TRADE: 3.73 Ha Olive Farm for Wharram and some cash

Sea Views and Almost 10 acres with roughly 400 Very Old Olive Trees near L'Ampolla, Ebro River Catalonia. Unimproved land with derelict Casita, Cistern and Mains electricity. Will trade for Wharram or similar. This property is exactly 1 mile from the sea in a sought after and upscale area.

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Comment by Greg and Liza Stewart on March 8, 2018 at 4:29pm

I know!

This is the internet and you have been trained in fake news. 

Sometimes however you run in to someone like me who is perhaps, like you, Sincere, honest and "for real". Since doing some research on my property I have found it could be worth more than I thought. I have to thank this website for leading me down that path. One thing is for sure, my 3.73 hectare farm won't sink. Contact me personally on my cell or facetime or skype to find out more about this opportunity. I am fifty and have not the place nor the time to build my own Wharram. 

facetime greg stewart in cork, greg.stewart22 on skype or call 3531767922. 

I am now looking for a smaller wharram capable of sailing across an ocean like James did. Thank you if you have taken this seriously. Sorry if it seems I have become disillusioned with mankind.  

Comment by Ganz Daniel on October 19, 2018 at 4:24am

Hi Greg and Liza!

are you still interessed in trading? I do not understand your comment properly, but maybe we share some interests.

Best regards

Daniel SYMarabu


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