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I really like the Tiki 38 and trying to figure out if I would fit inside the cabin area. At 6'6" I am trying to get an idea if the T38 is big enough as is or could it be modified to accommodate a tall person.  Does anyone have the dimensions of the headroom in a T38 Cabin?

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Comment by dave tomlinson on March 4, 2017 at 2:29pm

I have a tiki 38 and at 6ft 1 1 have no problem standing in the hulls at the galley or in the fwd head area as my boat was built with extended cabintops to cover the fwd cabins, it would not be hard to raise the roof if needed especially if building a new boat, the only place you really need to stand is around the entrance to the main cabins on each side and this area is well over my head, and may even be high enough for you,  I may be offering my boat for sale soon in NZ at around $ 60,000 us

Comment by Steve Denton on March 4, 2017 at 3:11pm

Hi Dave,

Thank you for the reply....that kind of info is good to know and most appreciated.  I would be really interested except living in the US the logistics of getting her to the US might be over the top. I did notice, from previous postings, you had purchased your T38 in the last year or so....who was the original builder? How about any build information on her? Thank you!

Comment by dave tomlinson on March 4, 2017 at 3:29pm

Hi, original builder was here in nz launched in 2000 and from plan no 1 , Hebuilt the hulls and then had a yard finish the decks and pod assembly professionally, JW visited during construction to check out some modifications, it is quite different to standard with fixed beams a good pod , sloop rig and a solid central area of cockpit and pod, I sailed beside a standarg T38 and mine was a bit quicker. We are pretty happy with her but may look at a bigger boat for more extended cruising/ liveaboard.


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