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Tangaroa Mark IV

South Africa - Knysna

For sale by owner and builder.

The farm house containing most of the boats equipment burnt down during the Knysna Fires on the

8th of June 2017.  The hulls are still ok and only the port hulls was slightly damaged by the fire.

The mast's and rudders were untouched by the fire.

There is also a full set of tan sails which were purchased during the building phase.

These sails are still in their original sail bags and have never been exposed to the sun.

So they are still in pristine condition.
These sails are for sale as an item on their own or with the boat.

I am not the owner of the boat, I am just helping the owner sell her as it is very hard to contact him.

He has no internet access and phone reception is very bad where he is located.

Please contact me on 074 789 1019 (South Africa) or


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