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getting thing ready Or bow shed a beyond.

I am not much on blogging and till lately i have had little to blog about. 

As said last time i had the study plans and was making some needed changes to make the boat disabled friendly and tall person friendly. 

a few of the more important considerations we had to address.

1. head room: at 2 meters tall this is a consideration that impacts my comfort and utility aboard. 

2. width of walkways: on crutches i am 40 inches wide and cannot get narrower with out difficulty.

3. wheelchair space this as well is wider than the passages drawn. 

4. hull layout: I am the chief cook and bottle washer so i need to be able to move around a bit in the galley and Erica is 12 inches shorter than i am so we need to configure spaces that we can both comfortably use. 

5. Windage: this was a bit of a problem but since we have the ability to deal with it in various ways we arent going to worry over much.

6. engines: I dont like gas engines IMO they have no place on a boat, nor is propane a good idea aboard. In fact 30 years of working on the sea has taught me that mixing fuels is just a bad idea. diesel works well and can be used for cooking fuel as well as fuel for the skiff. now we get into the cost of diesel engines which is substantial. the tehini is designed for 9.9 outboards but i believe that this is not the amount of power we will need for the inside passages in alaska. (as a note this is not about speed it is about power) there are several narrows that a boat cannot run through in a single tide and we would like to be able to move when the 10 kt tide is against us. 

7. rig: We like the reports on the biplane junkrig  since we love the little junk rig on Tari Tari we will be putting the biplane junkrig on the big boat for several other reasons. the clear space between hulls is useful to the mission of the boat where a single mast in the center of the deck would make much of the open space on the deck unusable.

along with that is our need for a space we can erect temporary surgical tents and class rooms  with little or no obstructions.

8. dog house: we will be making it a little bigger so there is some space for other functions like sleeping and cooking. 

Well that is some of the considerations we had to take into account. 

in order to build this craft i have a need of a covered space that i can continue building in winter. Up here it gets 30 below for several weeks at a time and we tend to have some deep snow to contend with. We are also at 3800 feet making winter an early arrival and a late departing guest. 

We have decided to build a bow shed that has been tested to handle our weather types up here in the okanagan highlands of washington. the cost of the shed will run around 3000 USD when all is said and done for a 24X80 shop with an office and wood stove prototyping lab. this should put all of my toys in easy reach and allow me to heat the space during the cold months. 

We went down and rented an excavator for a day and pulled stumps leveled ground, cut the exit drive and moved a few million rocks out of the way.  I should have plenty of space to build and have clients over to take a look at what i am up to in the stove shop, our big concern is that we dont have clients driving into my parents place just to come see us since our current drive is shared. 

we also needed to make my shop a bit out of sight from the road and neighbors since i dont need gawkers or criminals having easy access. in this county my shop will be considered an out building and we dont need a permit to build it.

I am thinking of pouring an earthen floor in it just to give me a little less dusty space to work but thats a pretty big job to do by myself. the power is already on site and we have a deep well to hook into a fire suppression system.

this should be a pretty sweet shop for my needs. 

as I type the delivery is being pulled for delivery and i am very excited. My next post should have a few pictures and other accompaniment.

have fun and see you soon since it is my intention to update this regularly now that things have begun moving.  




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Comment by Chris Bretter on June 5, 2013 at 12:40pm

Hi Ernie There is a 51ft Tehini here in durban called Spartan which is disabled friendly.im sure you can find out more about it with google-Regards Chris

Comment by Chris Bretter on June 5, 2013 at 12:53pm

check out Jess walkers  /east africa pics spartan is in them.he is a member on this site.

Comment by Chris Bretter on June 5, 2013 at 12:57pm

On our Tiki 38 the builder raised the floor around 100 mm which makes it quite a lot wider.The cabin tops were also raised-

Comment by Ernie wisner on June 5, 2013 at 10:42pm

Evening Mr. Bretter 

We are going to do somewhat the same but we will round the hull to the same form as the south seas cats. 

just a bit of fullness to the design. I tend to build native boats of several styles so i have lots of documentation on actual traditional shapes. the deep ve is dandy for a home builder with little experience and few tools. however the spade shape gives far more internal volume for very little cost.

Since i am disabled and the things they are doing now will only forestall the time till i am wheel chair bound it will pay Erica and I to plan ahead. We also want kids, As a boat kid myself who spent some little time in the forward fish hold, I think a little more internal room is a good thing; toddlers being what they are. 

I will very much look up S/V Spartan; every boat i see that is set up for disabled folks gives me ideas and hints as to where to go with the build. Thank you very much.



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