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While assembling the starboard hull, we made our first "off plan" modification. We wanted to have a secure place for a water bladder and have a way to protect it from other gear that may be stored around it. We decided to build a separate compartment under the main bunk to house the bladder and a water maker.

The first thing was to determine accessibility for maintenance. We cut out the bunk floor and determined the hatch size we were comfortable with. In this case the opening was just over 18" wide. From there we created a lid and bulkhead partition for the area where the water bladder and watermaker would reside.

This cover spanned the stringers just below the bunk and went from lower bulkhead #4 back to the cross brace under the floor. We cut out a partial bulkhead to fit between the floor and cover. Because we were going to permanently glue the floor in place, we decided to make the area under it positive flotation. To do this we created to partial bulkheads that fit on each side of the backbone under the floor and glued them to the cross brace, backbone, and hull sides.

From there we glued the floor, cover, and partial bulkhead in place. We made sure to cut the hatch in the cover 18" wide so that it could be removed through the bunk hatch opening. We also made sure to cut the 2.5" diameter hole in the corner for the water fill hose. This would have been impossible to do after the bunk floor had been glued in place above.

Now we have a space large enough to install an easily serviceable 26 gallon water tank, and easily serviceable watermaker. With the lid on the cover, there is plenty of easily accessible space below the main bunk, and the primary water weight is in the center of the hull.

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