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Following the 1950 and 1996 water shortage in Texas, it was necessary to institute programs through organizations that would to be active in the instituting measures to conserve water. The move would be taken by considering key statistics so that information about the water scarcity and need is used to determine the adversely affected areas in Texas. The result was the formation of the Regional Water Planning Groups (RWPG) that would serve to provide an orderly management in preparation for the adverse effect such as drought in the future. A related project, the Statewide Water Plan, was since instituted in 2012, and that sought to address the challenge of the looming drought in Texas. Among the responsibilities of the organ are the building reservoir, desalinization, managing essay writing service and building pipelines with its activities requiring a stable capital outlay. Based on the Texas Water Development Board, it is hoped that there will be a changing trend in the comparison of the projected Texas Statewide Water Needs and Added Suppliers. The body also confirmed that there would be a need to cater for the increasing water demands within the associated areas. It was a worrying that from the realization that many of the health needs would even be more challenging for Texas in the future. The effect of the move was that it attracted an interest in the understanding the mechanics of local water need and scarcity. Through the initiative, it became evident that several regions will experience varying trends in the supply and demand of water resources respective of the place that came from. In some parts of the world, the program constituted other minor plans that are covered all in advance to cater for unmet needs defined by one’s region (Gilliland, 2013).

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