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Im in Hawaiin now visiting family. I discover some inetresting boats in a near by port. I was suprised to see the two voyaging canoes Hokulea and Makalii. They  are suposed to be going on another voyage in 6 monthes. The little sailing outrigger  was out to sea when I first spotted it. I watched it sail all the way in.  The Proa was built I believe in the Caroline Islands and is made in the traditional way. The Proa needs help . No one around to ask about it or how it got here. 

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Comment by andy solywoda on May 14, 2012 at 9:33pm

Ahoy Kevin, or Aloha,

     Just got back from burying my dad in Hilo and celebrating my mom's 90th birthday the next day.  It looks like Hokulea is in Kwaehai.  Of course JW is doing his interpretation of polynesian canoes.  If you go through Horn and Hardart "Canoes of Polynesia" you'll see there are so many variations for each type from each area.  Hope you have a good time on the Big Island.  There is a good pizza restaurant near Kwaehai near the gas station near the port.  Hard to miss.  They also have a store in downtown Hilo.  Cafe Pesto.  If you go up to Waimea/Kamuela, there's Merriman's, a very good restaurant.


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