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My Tang "Forever Young" is now available. All design changes drawn and approved by James. This is the boat that has been seen on this site as one of the lead in pictures (it is shown with a spinnaker and was then known as Double Eagle). All West and marine ply, Best possible fittings, Solid. Single Tiki rig mast, beams lashed on on top of deck, raised cabin tops, toe rails for better sheer line, center beam does not go through hull hence lots of room and no ducking under a center beam. Modified cockpit as written up in Sea People (last issue). 2 outboards on sleds. Huge number of items go with it. Ready to sail off tomorrow! 240 w of solar and huge batteries (separate solar and batteries for starting each outboard), has a bimini, dinghy and motor, propane and butane and solar cookers, ceramic head with tank, twin birth with custom air mattress and single. Many, many items. $65K in Islamorada, FL. Contact me at svforeveryoung@hotmail.com. If your contact sounds like a scam (i.e., you are representing a Saudi King or are the "secretary" to someone from Europe who wants to pay more for the boat than I'm asking -- I will not respond.) I'm working to get pics up. Dan

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Comment by clif high on August 2, 2010 at 2:48pm
Just a suggestion, but if you place the adverts for FY on craigslist, you are also getting picked up by the site mash places like Jax. I use a jax search to hunt for a wharram cat to buy. The craigslist adverts are free, but need to be renewed (every 7 days i think). These also get visibility when people search Ebay via Jax site mash, so much more probable to encounter potential buyers. There are also free adverts available from some of the cat sites like 2hulls, among others. I have also recently run into a couple of people looking to buy cats for eco-charters (up here in PNW and in Baja CA area). They can be reached at sites catering to the eco-tourism biz....
just a few ideas to aid your sale. Good luck. clif
Comment by Dan Kunz on August 2, 2010 at 3:58pm
clif -- thanks, i will work on interpreting your email re jax and such. i'm still at the brownie camera black box mode...about 1958 or so. will try craigs list. just listed my cars there and they didn't show up so i must have screwed that up too. give me nuts, bolts, epoxy and wrenches or wood/metal working tools and i can figure it out...if it's electronic i struggle. but, i do thank you for your comments. i too believe it to be a fair price. if i don't sell it but sell my house i'll sail it to panama and stay there until i drool on my shoes. do hope that my comments about the beams and such helped. thanks, dan


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