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Comment by Björn on September 15, 2010 at 3:59am
Hi Daniel,
sorry to bother you again, I guess this is the Wharram self steering system? What is the performance, is it also workin in light wind? How dou you connect it to the tillers? Do you have any idea how it performs in comparison to a Windpilot?
Regards Björn
Comment by Ganz Daniel on September 15, 2010 at 8:21am
Hello Björn you dont bother me at all!! The selfsteering perform as good as any windvane I tested this means sailomat and windpilot. All systems work best with a nice breeze, very light winds are bad setting for any selfsteering . There is no connection to the tillers,,, the two lines you see go direct to a trimtab wich is situated on the rudders...so the movement from the windsteer goes to the trimtab, the tab then swings the rudder around,very simple, very easy. You can get the full drawings for very few money from the wharram shop. This system steered use thousends of miles over the atlantic even with the spinnaker up and it did well, much better then many helmsman....
It is a bit of work to change from wheel steering to the selfsteering, you have to slacken the tention on the wheel and then "switch" the selfsteering on. This means for a moment is no control. So I just sit down and steer the boat by hand and tiller till the windpilot is setted. Regards and if you like auch in Deutsch, wäre viel einfacher für mich. Ciao
Comment by Björn on September 15, 2010 at 3:39pm
den Trimtap habe ich nicht gesehen, hast Du davon eventuell auch ein paar Photos? Das System scheint Sinn zu machen Wo liegt denn Dein Boot jetzt?
Comment by Ganz Daniel on September 15, 2010 at 4:07pm
Für Fotos muss ich ein wenig kramen gehen, vielleicht finde ich etwas aus der Bauzeit. Die Trimtabs kannst du auch nicht sehen, denn die liegen unter Wasser...sie sind unten an der Rrückseite des Ruderblattes angebracht und werden von den Kontrollleinen direkt bewegt. Dies könnte ein Nachteil sein wenn Du Dein Schiff nachrüsten willst, muss das Boot doch aus dem Wasser, die Ruderblätter müssen nachgearbeitet werden. Die Steuereinheit selber ist wirklich einfach für wenige Euro zu bauen. Unser Boot liegt jetzt in der Tyrell Bay in Carriacou.
PS: die Schiebeluken auf Deinem Boot sind echt der Hammer-schade habe ich diese Fotos nicht früher gesehen....Wo bist du denn mit Maughidoo unterwegs? Gruss
Comment by luis on September 16, 2010 at 1:04pm
hi daniel, bjorn, could you please translate from german to english? (better to spanish ;-)
it's a very interesant subject, and i'm currently studying how to reinstate the trim tab to my T38, and to conect it to my self built belcher windvane device.
tks and rds
Comment by Ganz Daniel on September 16, 2010 at 1:41pm
Ola luis! claro que si ! No in sincero Io no sabe bien erscribir el espanol. So que quieres saber? En mi recuerdo Kaimiloa no tenias una selfsteering. Si quieres aserlo, tienes a deconnectar the rudders para montar los trimtabs. So the device is one thing the trimtabs another one and you have to calculate a bit of work to built and install them. On the plans from wharram it looks like you just can add the trimtabs to the rudder. If you do like that the axis of the tabs, will end very far behind the end of the tiller, I would say too far away. Thats why you have to reshape the rudder and then to add the tabs so you will end with the axis directly behind the tiller end where you can fix it. The wodden thing you see on the end of the tillers on the photo is where the axis ends. there you connect the controllines.Suerte y hasta pronto
Comment by luis on September 17, 2010 at 8:43am
thanks daniel. in the past kaimiloa should have had a trim tab conected to a windvane, as in the aft part of the rudder of the starboard hull there are some fittings clearly for fix a trim tab that today doesn't exist. rds


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