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Comment by Björn on September 11, 2010 at 6:44am
Hi Daniel,

it looks as you have extended your staysail or is it a special genoa? How did the boat do during your cruise? Any issues/problems you had to fix underway?

I have also another question, I got the same aluminium masts as you, were you happy with them? And what did your top mast fittings look like. Mine are still in storage and I am sailing with the heavy wooden ones. I hope to get them finished this winter. I wanted to add toggles on the mast top and probably use throughbolts in order to reduce strain on the swages (which I heard have broken before).
Comment by Ganz Daniel on September 11, 2010 at 11:26am
Hi Björn! what you see is the foremain....the jib is hidden behind, visible as shadow. The boat was fantastic, everything went fine, the only thing I could mention is the noise in the hulls....but we got used to .
The masts are fine, I use them with a stainless steel rigging, I did exactly what you describe, I use toggles, and sort of "eyes" througboltet and welded. I did not trust the swages and everything works well. The only thing I had to repair was the mastfeet wich was a plate that I rivet to the mast.This was not strong enough because the mast wants to rotate. I screwed big stainless screws in there and that was it.


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