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No comments?  I would like to know more about the rake on the small schooner rig of the Tiki 31.  Also, what perceived issues if the masts where lengthened from 24' to 27'.  I getting too crotchety to keep so low.  My final finishing is at hand so all final mods will be finished this year.



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Thanks Greg --
I need to understand just how the rake affects performance. The designed rake is 5', if I remember correctly. How critical is this? My plan was to keep my original sails thereby increase space on deck. As is the Tiki 31 seems more confined that it needs.
I have built a new fore deck that is recessed about 16" (creating a seat well). On my boat this space was never fully taken advantage. I also removed one of the deck lockers and created a new center deck (with the remaining deck locker turned 90' - using it as a seat for the wheel helm, as well as battery and fuel storage) allowing full access of both port and starboard cockpits. I hope to start assembling all the new parts -- but I suspect this will make the Tiki 31 feel it's size. Raising the masts may not be that important, but if it was not a major compromise it may add to the comfort and sail-ability for less nimble sailors.

Greg -- I have my plans -- I would like to understand more about how the rake impacts the sail performance. I was planning to simply raise the mast. Even two feet would make a difference. Sail area to be left the same as stock.

Thanks again -- I had not seen your earlier reply.


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