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"I'm concerned about crossbeam connections to the hull on the 30 footers  tiki 30. Up to now I've been planning to lash it with rope in the old-fashioned way. Now that the time is here I don't see that it's going to be so easy…"Plans ask for webbing strap to go through a slot in the deck block then up around the crossarm beam.the cross beam support box below deck is the supporting foundation for everything.I  cannot see that there is any way to use rope to achieve the same support???Any thoughts on this /

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How old are your plans? Mine have a couple of pages with drawings showing how to set it up.

I used line on mine when I first built it. There was no decent way to get the line cinched tight, so in a seaway the interior hull edges "knocked" on the beam as the line stretched. I switched over to 20,000lb straps and the ability to cinch everything tight was a breeze. No more knocking; no more line maintenance; no more worries.

thank you BB. no worries is good .so where do I get webbing strap end buckle?

I bought Heavy Duty truck straps from HomeDepot for less than $20 each, and modified them for my own use.

They were still in good condition after three years with an occasional spray of WD-40.


If you are adverse to such an inexpensive solution (because the ratchet will eventually rust closed and the whole contraption will need to be replaced if not kept lubricated), this outfit sells strap and stainless steel ratchets:



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