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How fast is a tiki 30 really? I saw, that I can reach 50% of the windspeed under nearly all conditions. The fastest Speed I saw on my gps was 10 kn. 9 kn I saw several times.

I can go 30° to the app. wind with a speed of 30% of windspeed.

I start reefing at 20 kn of windspeed. But this depends on the waves. I have flat water hier and so the waves are short, but high. So may be, I have a first reef at 18 kn of wind

What are your expiriences?

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This dates interest me...

We have sailed tiki 30 Moku quite hard in a few races and she has always felt safe.  2 years ago we hit 17knots through the water (would have been about 20 over the ground with the tide) when the head of my small spinnaker blew out in a gust.  We had been doing a steady 14 knots until then and the boat felt safe but we did have the sheets in our hands ready and I did dump the main a couple of times. Sailing back from Falmouth last year we did a steady 12 to 14 knots across the channel under sheeted in big spinnaker with wind at 20-22 knots, I don't like to fly the big spi in over 18 knots of wind but we were going so well I couldn't drop it!


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