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I will have to make a decision about what kind of foredeck to build. Trampoline or slatted wooden deck? What do other builders here think?

I tend slightly towards the wooden option for a stable working platform. We have locally grown japanese cedar which is light, not too weak and reasonably well rot resistant for a soft wood. I would prefer it to be not painted but oiled. Does anyone know a good treatment to help against rot without loosing non skid properties?


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I had the tramp deck on my T30. I did not like it. It was not very stable (especially in a seaway), needed too much maintenance, and was hot to stand on. I would go with the slatted wood deck for sure.

I never sealed the decks on my Tangaroa, so I cannot recommend and treatment.
I might tend towards the hard deck option myself, but here is a shot of Vaea right after I trailered him down from Puget Sound:

The only maintenance I have done on this tramp in 4 years is to have just flipped it over. It is very comfortable 1" wide flat webbing, made by Sunset Yacht Products in Florida. I also feel very secure in a seaway as the tramp flexes underfoot, without "pushing" against your weight, and you can simply drop on to it and hold on if things get exciting! It is a very comfortable hammock whether underway or tied up. Other virtues are its transparance to both water and wind.

I have the receipt from the previous owner: it did not come cheap: in 2003 or 4, the cost was over $600 U.S.

The slatted deck would likely give you a better anchor storage surface.
We have a slatted wood fordeck with biggish gaps between 1.5 x 3/4 inch douglas fir timber (approx from memory). It provides a very good platform and reduces the risk of ending up in the sea through catastrophic failure whilst working on it.
We use burgess on our bare wood and have found it is a good compromise. The downside is weight and the anchor chain falling between the slats.
I have a slated deck on my stretched Tiki and it prooved stable and practical (I'm not 20 anymore). Nettings are OK if you are concerned about weight.


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