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Does anyone know where to get the trailer pictured in https://www.wharram.com/site/gallery/coastal-trek-designs/tiki8m/la... (or a similar one)? I need to pick up my new Tiki 26 in the UK. I wrote an email to the Wharrams but I am not sure if I'll get an answer. Thanks. Thierry

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Perhaps you could rent the trailer shown in the picture? 

I found out that the pictured trailer was made 10+ years ago by Lizard Trailers in Cornwall, UK. I think it will too complicated/expensive with the paperwork to register it in France afterwards, besides they seem to have plenty of work at the moment and the email exchange is sluggish.

Looking at the moment at modifying a commercially available boat trailer.

As I don't have the boat here, could someone tell me where is the approximate centre of gravity of the Tiki's hull measured from one end? What is the real world weight of one hull? I have conflicting numbers, the plan shows 545kg (1200lbs) for the whole boat, the Wharram's website indicates 700kg (1540lbs) for the same. Is it reasonable to go for a maximum of 300kg (660lbs) per hull only and maybe 800kg for whole boat empty?


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