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Hello Tiki26 people.

For those that are interested or have viewed the YouTube videos of WAYAN in the Mediterranean and first transatlantic to Brazil in 2020 (right as covid hit!). He made his way safely up the Brazilian coast over the course of 2020/21 to the Caribbean where he has been cruising for several months now.

I am in email contact with the skipper and he advises me today (28May) he will depart Nassau hopefully by the end of May and head back to the Mediterranean (Azores).

I hope he is taking lots of video!

Very capable little budget cruisers these Tiki26's and WAYAN's adventures show, that in the right hands, with a well built boat,  big things can be achieved.

Search WAYAN on YouTube 


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Absolutely agree.

On his website (should be a link from YouTube) he has a short medley of Med and Atlantic sailing.

Can't wait to see the rest when he gets home.

Aneblanc said:


Those are by far the best videos of a Tiki 26 for the image quality and the details. 2013 & 2016.

I am waiting for the 2020 transat. Or has it been already published?


I think WAYAN remains in the family. Yes, the videos have changed, I agree

Good winds to Niko...

I found this route map for WAYAN


Wayan arrived at Azores on 2nd July after 25 days sailing. All OK.

Wayan's Transat has been successfully completed! 



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