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The footwell cover doubles as a navigation table in the starboard hull.  To the table's right are two removable panels containing the boat's electrical systems.  Three solar charge controllers reside behind the panel the table rests on.  A battery monitor is mounted on the panel's face at navel level.  This would be difficult to read if it were not mounted on an upwardly angled bezel.  Varnished wood strips, on the panel's face, hide slots giving ventilation to the charge controllers behind.  Above this panel is an outlet providing USB and 12 volts DC as well as a goosenecked lamp.  A battery disconnect and fused switch panel are mounted in the second panel completing the major electrical components.

Notice that the shelving meets the hull about three inches below the shear.  The thought being that the steeply sloping cabin sides are very restricting on the height of what can be stored on a shelf meeting the hull at the shear.  

Wiring raceways are built at the intersections of the hull and bulkheads.  Above are the box section raceways leading from the outboard electrical panel to below the bunk level and then up the inboard side to supply the other hull and remaining loads.  A raceway on the opposite side of the foreground bulkhead carries leads to the battery mounted below the forward bunk. 

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It looks very nice!

Beautiful workmanship and stunning appearance Don. Thank you for sharing


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