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Hey everyone, I've recently started my restoration/rebuild of a 90's tiki 26 that was left in a state of disrepair.  It came with the original plans and I'm currently building new beams.  On the plans there is no mention of sheathing the beams in fiberglass.  I was wondering if im missing something or if that is that case.  If that is the case are there any tiki sailors out there who have fiberglassed their beams and is it worth the extra time/weight?  

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Hi, there is a suggestion in my set of plans to do so. It protects against friction an weather.

I have taken on a similar restoration project and like you will have to build new beams. From previous experience with plywood and epoxy I would say glass and epoxy coat the beams no question, for protection, strength and durability. Well worth the time and extra cost - your effort building the beams will be repaid with longer lasting results. 

The other question about beams is possible re-design along the lines of the Tiki 30 beams - simpler build, easier and quicker for same or better strength. This is something I will be considering when I come to do mine. See discussion elsewhere on this site re Scott Williams build blog.

Good luck,


Awesome, that’s what I figured. Thanks for the help Andreas and Steve, I’m sure I’ll need a lot more in the coming months.

Use 450 gram biaxial after a coat of epoxy. Very strong and light.

You can also use xynole polyester fabric to sheath the beams. Very easy to apply and no itch sanding. It also has better peel  resistance and better abrasion and impact resistance.


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