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Stringalong, built 1992 in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, UK, spent most of her time around the Thames estuary based in Essex, recently abandoned in a boatyard, lots of her parts missing, finally just two surprisingly good hulls and two not very good beams now in my hands.

I'm on the trail to find out her whole story, to restore her to full sailing fitness and to enjoy all she has to offer. The man who built her, a Mr A Fielding, did a very good job, it's plain to see that his work was careful and skillful. I am certain this wasn't the first boat he had built. He did a thorough and thoughtful job  and stuck to the plans except for a little extra strengthening of the aft deck - as far as I can see. A lucky find was a letter he wrote to The Sea People magazine on her completion. If anyone has any information about her, please get in touch.

Lots to do, but a sound basis on which to work. A long time ago, I wanted a Tane, many years later I have a Tiki 26. Excellent.

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The re-build is coming along - the deck unit built and most of it glassed, but now on hold because of a wet spell of weather and I'm working outside as it's too big to get into my shed workshop. Rudders being shaped ready for glassing. Designing crab claw rig and gathering bits such as anchor, chain, motor ( long shaft Seagull) and timber for beams. Organised a place to keep it. Oh, and cleaned the lichen off the hulls!


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