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When people ask I call it a solar array, so it sounds like I know what the hell I am talking about.I used 10 gauge wire for the two 40watt panels that have been wired in parallel.The panels will then be hooked up to a sunsaver six controller.

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I have a 10 watt panel with a charge regulator that works very well in charging the battery, but there is some interference with the VHF. Perhaps it is because the regulator is near the VHF or because the VHF is connected to the wires connecting the battery to the regulator, I don't know. I have only a 65 amp battery that is enough for the VHF and navigation lights.


So,after a bit of soul searching I have removed the laminated beam I made for the solar panels and netting.

Reasons being

1 The weight of the beam is more than i would like at the stern on the cat.

2. The traveller was hitting the back of the solar panels, also the windvane that i had placed in the centre of the beam is not optimal and i am sure it would get in the way of the rigging.

So I bought a length of aluminum tube of 50mm dia and 4mm wall as well as some solid aluminum 20mm dia rod.

I glued up two hardwood lashing pads per hull. On the inboard rails of both hulls I drilled a 20mm hole and glued in the solid bar as locating stubs.These also help the aluminum bar from turning round in their mounts.The holes in the tube are made larger than the 20mm stubs.Reason being i am allowing for movement between the two hulls. I have shamelessly copied Kim Whitmyres idea here. Although unlike Kim I have opted for two lashing points per hull.

As for mounting the solar panels, I may just lash them to the beam and net, instead of making mounting brackets for the panels.

Have you got any more photographs of this? :)


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