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Hi all, how effective is paddling or rowing for moving a Tiki 26 around? I want to move my Tiki 26 less than 1/2 a mile in sheltered waters and my motor isn't ready yet. The boat is empty, not loaded up so that should help. Any particular method recommended?



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I don't think you could move a T26 with paddling or rowing  more than a few meters, and you need 3 people onboard, one for steering and two for paddling.  Another approach is the use of a yuloh or sculling over the stern. The yuloh has been tried in Wharrams  yuloh in TW , but I think it was not successful because it was not continued. 

For me it would be better to wait a little more until the motor is ready.

I move my Tiki 26, Tsunamichaser around with a SUP paddle pretty regularly. Works fine even with just one person paddling. With two of you standing in the cabins you can get going pretty good. I’m early up and at it. Not wanting to wake the moorage or worse yet those onboard it’s a great alternative. A long SUP paddle while standing on the stern so you can steer with your feet is perfect. Casey Orr’s T21 Badu never had a motor just paddles and a youlo and he sailed/paddled it all over the British Columbia coast. All it takes is time and patience

Hi Steve,

I don't have yet experience moving a Tiki 26 by hand but I cannot imagine it more difficult than moving a 10 tons 35' steel boat with a 16' self made sculling oar. The Tiki has less windage and weighs just a ton. A 10' sculling oar should do it easily. I would not bother trying a yuloh except if you can find first hand experience. A sculling oar is straightforward. You just need a notch on the stern. I cruised 5 years with my family on the said steel boat and moved into and within harbours when there was no wind. I could move for a short distance at between ½ and ¾ knot in flat calm. As soon as there was any breeze I would sail. Without manoeuvering room I would kedge. I am planning to move my Tiki 26 with a sculling oar. I expect to move at 1½ knots without to much exertion.

You can also read Thomas Firth Jones Multihull Voyaging Chapter 10 Auxiliary Power. I attach the relevant page for you.

Cheers, Thierry


Thanks for the replies. Thanks Aneblanc for the scan of the page from Thomas Firth Jones. I think maybe we share an appreciation and respect for him - I have that book and several others of his on boat building. He paddled / rowed Two Rabbits their Hinemoa design and the larger Vireo / Tanenui type so I think paddling my Tiki will be okay. Just a matter of trying it and finding a method that works. I'll report back...


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