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Tiki 26: has anyone used a Jordan Series Drogue with a Tiki 26? & if so, where did you attach it? To a strongpoint on the hulls, or the aft beam itself?

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Hi Andy,

While watching an early Lucky fish video from the time when they picked up their boat in South Africa, Stu built a fine attachment point and videoed it. Well worth watching. It's the one where he gets LF alterations done by the boat yard I think.

I considered it a viable upgrade to my tiki 26 although I doubt I would ever need it for a JSD. Maybe a nice to have though.

Attached are some pics from screenshots that might assist.







Hi Neil,

Thanks for the response 👍, very much appreciated.

Perhaps a silly question...but do you think securing the drogue to a bridle, and then securing the bridle to the main aft beam is a stupid idea?  Question to all actually.  My thinking against this idea is the the forces will be trying to rip off the after main beam from the boat, probably just when you need it the most 😂

I'm no expert Andy but I wouldn't for the same reasons you state. I imagine the forces produced by a JSD will overwhelm a rear beam.

Understand the forces at work and construct accordingly.

Looking at Stu's design, he's clearly aware of those forces and has built quite a chunky (inside) mounting incorporating the stern-stem and stringers , with an elegant (outside) attachment. 

It's a tight space for us to work in though on a T26 that's already built.

👍 understood.  Thanks Neil.


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