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I am interested in having a deck tent built per Wharram plans, and would like to hear from anyone who has one.  Does yours work well? Any problems/solutions? What materials did you use? Any guesses on what it should cost? 

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Hi, I have one. You can see it in


It was with the boat when I bought it. I don't know about the material but it is very tough. Perhaps Luis, the former owner can tell you about it.

It is very comfortable, gives good shade in the summer and don't oscillate with the wind as happens with a lighter cloth. It works very well when there is little wind or you can have good shelter from the wind, for instance when you are in a river. In strong wind the tent acts as a sail and you have tu put it down, usually it happens at night under the rain and it is not very funny.

If you are going to use it in a place where there is usually strong wind, I suppose a low profile tent is better, but it will not be as comfortable as the original.

The more I think about it,the more i am considering a plain old tarp,with maybe a few lightweight sidescreens for privacy.Who knows? One thing for sure is that there will be a mozzie screen though.


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