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Finally I'm at the point where I need a mast.  I want one of aluminum for the added consistancy that would have over one I built myself.  Does anyone know of a fabricator in the SouthEast US that is reliable, good, and can spell round mast?

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Hi Russell,

Hei Matau's mast is actually an aluminum flagpole, and works quite well.  The original receipt from 2004 was for around $400.  You may want to check the yellow pages in your area for flagpole or lamp post makers.  Consider having your mast made 2' longer than specification in order to make room for a bimini.  One of very few qualms I have with the original design of the T26 is the lack of shade.

Sounds like you're making progress.  Keep up the good work.


Hey there Russell & Janet,

I am sourcing mine at the moment also, Wharram specifies Extruded tube of  5"x1/8" or 127 x 3.2 although 3 will do.

Almost all aluminium suppliers will stock this in 6 metre or 20 feet lengths you just need to join them with an inner sleeve.

Can explain this to you if you like.

I'll be using the same section for my Fwd beam also, with Wharrams blessing. so need 3 lengths.

I'm getting this for around $250 Aud a length

But if you can find a flagpole at the right length thats great, living in northern Australia has it limitations.....

Looking forward to seeing some pix.

We're sanding inside of Stb hull for paint and fairing port hull for glass at the moment for a mid to late sept launch.

Keepup the good work.


I'm having mine fabricated by JSI in st Petersburg, fl. Just stopped and talked over some of the details with them and saw some of their work. Looked excellent.


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