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2024-Jun-26 - TIKI 26 - full-plans purchased & on their way!:

Very excited! A few years planning ahead, and lots of questions coming your way. Looking forward to discussing all things Tiki 26 with you all : )

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That's great Andy

A lot of early T26 builders have long since left this forum. Or so it seems. However all is not lost because this forum is a database and once you learn the names of those builders you will be able to look at their build pages. Also, database searches are very fruitful.

Get yourself a copy of all the PCA magazines which someone kindly posted PDFs of online (not here but I'm sure the link is ). Those old magazines have a lot of T26 ideas.

Good luck. The hard work begins 😀

Hi Neil,

Yes I found the link to the PCA and SeaPeople magazines a few months ago.  GOLDEN!

The LINK for those is here:



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