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Giving in to temptation, I've been wanting one for too long!
Can anyone suggest what to look out for on a second-hand 21, please?
Long convalescence after illness and doctor me has decided sailing a tiki will help.
Used to sailing folkboats and looking forward to the greater possibilities for coastal sailing a Tiki will offer. Sailmaking experience, so sails not a problem.

Thanks in advance
(Si vous etes en France, faites-moi signe!)

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Bon jour

seek the rot....where ever it may hide.

Look in beam pockets.

Look in hatch covers.

look in beams.

look in beams.

look in beams.

seek and "sniff" with all your nose, the bilges...


then next is rudders and rigging...


Hi Simon. I ended up buying one. Spent a month working with James and Hanikka on the 63 footer. You should have the planes that it was built from, so you can see if all the bits are there and that it is built to the plane. Look at the type of wood used, it should be visable on the inside. Smooth finish, no cloth showing, smooth fillets, in and out. Foot of the mast and around where the shrouds sit can show sighns of rot. Do the haches fit, has the perspex window got cracks around the skrue holes. Look for wear around the lashing blocks and beams, what are the blocks made of, should be hard wood. Has he botherd to do all the lashings on the tillers, do they sit well on the rudder. If there is a moter with, is the shaft long enough? Lie on your back in the cabin, with a lamp, look at the workmenship, breath in the moldy air...or is it fresh?

Extra equipment like GPS, ancher and line, fenders, compass, speedometer. I have a speedo that only gose up to 10 knots, Ive been off the clock many times! Good hunting, If you get desperat, you can have mine, but you have to come to Norway to get it.  Greetings Paul Bould.

Thanks, Clif high and John PAUL, I'm sharpening my nose!
Don't want to take a knife to the wood to check it as I imagine the epoxy would not appreciate such treatment, tap with a hammer, perhaps? Does the wood & epoxy "ring" like 'ordinary' planking?
Thanks again for your help as otherwise I'm afraid it would be as usual:
"experience is what you get, just after when you needed it!"


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