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Hi, just got a brand new mainsail from Jeckells and it has the same issue as my prior sail.  I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the loops over the jaws.  The gaff is snugged all the way into the pocket on the sail and the loops cannot reach the jaws.  Am I missing an obvious trick...? -- Jeff

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From your photo it seems that your jaws are a bit longer than the ones on my gaff and the pocket is a bit more snug around the gaff.  I have two mains from different sailmakers and the loops go over the jaws easily on both.


OK, since I inherited the gaff, I hadn't measured it against the plans.  I'll do that today and let you know if it conforms or not.  If it doesn't, I guess I'll be making some changes.  Appreciate the reply.  Jeff.

Solved!  The gaff itself was heavy scantling in all dimensions.  Just by sanding it all-around I was able to remove about a quarter-inch of wood and it now fits properly in the the sail's head pocket.  Thanks for your help.

It was nothing really.  Glad it helped.


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