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I want to build an anchor box of sorts to fit between the first and second (mast) beam. It must be approximately 400mm wide, will be lashed to the beams to be easily removable and will have an anchor roller to feed chain/rope out as required. Currently my anchor is stored in the port locker forward which can make it difficult to anchor. Has anyone done this or any further ideas about this?

The other task as a winter project is to extend the depth of the outboard well (forward) so that I can store fuel etc. I'd like to hinge a lid to this for easy access. Again any ideas or things to take into account?

Other than that a slight improvement on a shade cover needs some thought, but not a priority at this stage.

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I like the idea of the anchor box, what about an elongateted triangle with a roler at the front.
I have made a new transom which puts the moter 4" lower, was impossible to find a long-shaft used O.B.
I would be worried about weakening the floor by cutting another hole in it, but I suppose you will make some strong walls to stiffern it up.
I have an idea about putting a ´steering wheel`on the floor where the O.B.should be, steer with your feet!
I dont need to use the moter that much....much better to paddle in to the marina with such a light boat.
I have made new tillers, bit shorter and lower, below the cabin roof, I like em.
Do you like my Moos/Elk head mast-foot!
Greeting Paul
Hi Paul,
Thanks for your ideas. A triangular anchor box could work too.
I might build a separate centre section of the floor as an experimental. If it is a total failure at least I'll still have the original and it won't mean lost time for sailing over summer. What I intend doing is closing in the entire section with 6mm ply. It won't add much extra weight, and it will be good to keep fuel etc in, and also balance the boat out by having it centre. The same goes for the anchor!

I note your comments about the motor. Over summer, as I got to know the boat better, I used the motor less, particularly when approaching the mooring. I would use all sail up to a point, drop the main and sail forward only using the jib. The tide runs at a rate of knots where I moor, so it is handy to have the motor just in case, as there are a number of boats around. Thank goodness have not needed it yet!
I have a very basic electrical set up at the moment for nav lights. I want to upgrade this so that it goes through a panel. I was given a depth sounder / fish finder which i want to fit too - more for the fish than for the depth, but it means mounting the transducer somewhere and not through the hull. Possibly the rudder or skeg?



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