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Hi. I am Completing a Tangaroa. The third person to take on this Wharram. The boat was started in 1988 and the second owner put it in the water finally in Aug of 2014. I got it a month ago and have fixed some small rot on the the decks and a pretty good smack on the side from another boat running into her. Now I am wanting to put up the mast. I am wondering weather the mast needs to rest on the bottom of the taberncle or if it is suspended a bit. I think by suspending, it will transfer the weight to the cross beams better. I am just concerned about it being a little wobbly if i Don't. It is a cutter (Sloop Rig) and I am thinking of taking off the mast wings and just running the side stays to the outside of the hulls. I do not see too many wharram masts with the spreader arms. This is a pretty modified Tangaroa Mk IV so things have strayed from the original plans. Any Insight out there would be really appreciated. Dave

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